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Sentiments in Colombia: When the Good Friend Comes to Visit

They said, ‘you are very lucky’. They have no idea the extent of my good fortune. But I am not lucky; I am blessed… for the people in my life. The past two weeks of endless travelling and fun has taken a toll on my health but I have never felt more alive. Thank you, Bernie, for travelling at least 15,687km across the world to share this stage of my life. I am sure we will look back to this period and reminisce on the good travel memories like we always do. I am already feeling sentimental, now that you have returned home… …  

Enjoying fresh fruits at Parque Arvi, Medellin

Having a suitable travel buddy will determine the nature and quality of one’s travels (in case you haven’t already realised). In my dictionary, there is no perfect travel companion, just like there is no perfect lover in the department of romance. There is only the suitable lover or travel partner whom you can live with his/her perfectly imperfect self. With my stubborn quirks, I know I am not an easy person to live/travel with but thanks god for Bernie. This travel partner and I couldn’t have been more different but the bottom line is, ‘we gel well’. This short post is dedicated to my dear friend.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you, Bernie dear, for trusting me (as always) with the planning of the itinerary even though I made you trekked 19.4km across Mount Tongariro in our NZ trip some eight months ago. Thank you for having that sense of fun to visit and explore Colombia without questions, even when I led you to one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Thank you for taking good care of me when I have fallen ill, and for celebrating my birthday with me.

Thank you for enjoying the finer things in life with me; and yes, it is time for me to work hard and go on a diet after all those fine dining and extensive car rides. Despite our silly airport encounters (what else is new?) and life-threatening night bus ride, I hope you have fully enjoyed these 15 days. 😉

15 days; Colombian coffee region, 3 cities, 1 Caribbean coast and countless cups of coffee, here are some of our best memories: *Salud*

And for those of you who are still searching for that suitable travel partner of yours, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Trust and faith
  • Sense of fun
  • Common interests
  • Ability to compromise

-End –

At the beginning of this year, my resolution (or rather new life motto) was ‘to live life vivaciously’ and to gain new and fulfilling experiences. Unwittingly, life happened. It has been three months since I first stepped foot into Colombia and every day, I count my blessings for being given the opportunity to live, learn and explore this beautiful South American country and her people.

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