Yours Truly

Dear reader, represents the marriage of my interests in travel and writing. Like many marital relationships; courage, patience and dedication are required to maintain this project of love. Being a freelancer has helped me to do so.

My journey on this platform officially began in 2012 and this started out as a project dedicated to chasing dreams. In my late 20s, I was given an opportunity to fulfill a long-harboured dream. It was one of those ‘now-or-never’ situations. The Chinese has a term “舍得” (she de), which can be translated as ‘willingness’, often used in the context of letting go. However, the true significance of this word also means that ‘the willingness to let go promises unexpected gains’.

So, I quitted my full-time job as an editor and cast aside all inhibitions to chase unfulfilled dreams. In return, i found myself to be where I wanted to be. At the moment, I do what I love most. In addition to taking on freelance editorial and writing projects, I am a licensed tourist guide. During my personal time, I enjoy taking photographs and writing about places that are less travelled.

PS: If you have been following my ramblings  blog regularly, you might have noticed that I do not post entries on a regular basis. That is because this blog was created solely for personal satisfaction and in a tiny way (I hope!), to share useful information to travellers like myself. I’d also hoped to inspire individuals to never stop chasing dreams.

7 comments on “Yours Truly

  1. Great blog! And thanks for liking mine

  2. Great stuff, Kaz. Keep up the good work. Keep chasing the dreams.

    –Nick Fox

  3. Wonderful KaZ your chasing the dreams is like a peacock spreading its tail so colorful enchanting, you are right there are more to life than get stuck to a chair.

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