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Explore Cali, Colombia: Serendipity in the World’s Capital of Salsa

Somewhere in the southwestern part of Colombia lies the controversial Cali – capital of the Valle de Cauca department, best known for being a city where salsa reigns. I did not dance and my personal experience with Cali was short, but enough to intrigue. To me, Cali is like an onion with many layers, waiting to be uncovered and I promise myself that I will be back.

Here’s sharing an article on things to look out for in Cali [as published on]

Not Just Violence: Things To Know About Cali, Colombia


Rhythmic beats droned on, along with various instruments that blended harmoniously… I could feel the wind in my hair, as we zoomed past the tallest building in the city, and my feet started tapping to the music.

This city is not as developed as Bogota, neither is it as refined as Medellin. However, Cali – Colombia’s third largest city by population – has more to offer than what meets the eye. Located in southwest Colombia, this capital of the Valle de Cauca department has been through ups and downs since it was founded in 1536 by Sebastián de Belalcázar.

Beyond its slave history during the colonial period and drug-related violence from the 1980s to early 21st century, Cali has transformed into a diverse and modern city with lingering traces of her past. The somewhat rugged facet of Cali is one of her appeals… … [Read more]

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