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Explore Quindio: An Agricultural Theme Park named PANACA

The hospitality that were extended to us made me feel humble. Every moment, I count my blessings for being able to visit this beautiful country and learn about Colombia’s fascinating history, culture, people and landscapes. There are many natural resources in this majestic land and PANACA recognises this. With a tagline ‘sin campo no hay ciudad’ (no city without fields or farm), this agriculture theme park sings a song close to my heart. Sustainability and environmental education are primary concerns of PANACA in Quimbaya, the coffee region of Quindio.

Here’s sharing an article on what you can expect in PANACA [as published on]:

PANACA: More Than Racing Pigs In Colombia’s 1st Agriculture Theme Park


Light-hearted music with freestyle lyrics filled the air while the crowd erupted with laughters. PANACA – the first agricultural theme park in the world – brings to mind the image of happy, bountiful experiences to be shared amongst loved ones. One may not know what to expect prior to visiting this educational farmland, but whatever you have in mind, you would be pleasantly surprised. From charming serenaders, adorable pig races to impressive horse shows where the sensual lady in red dance with trotting horses, PANACA promises edutainment and beyond… [Read more]

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