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Explore San Felix, Salamina: Where Colombia Wild Magic Comes Alive

The sheer magnificence of Colombia wilderness is often overlooked, sometimes even by her own people but the Colombia Magia Salvaje (Colombia Wild Magic) – a documentary that highlights all that Colombia has to offer – has set to rectify matters and draw attention to the amazing biodiversity in the country. Amongst the extensive flora and fauna, one plant in particular stands out with its height and claims the prestige of being Colombia’s national tree!

Here’s another travel piece that I wrote for, an online travel media that I have been working with as a content and community manager for the past year. After much procrastination, I have finally begin writing again and will be contributing travel guides and related articles based on my experience in Colombia.

Visit San Felix, Salamina, For The Palma de Cera Forest In Colombia

The wax palm (also known as Palma de Cera or Ceroxylon Quindiuense) is the tallest palm in the world, and was officially adopted as a national symbol of Colombia in 1985. Found along the central and eastern Andes of Colombia, the Cocora valley of Quindío department is the popular place for visitors to see these magnificent trees that can grow up to a height of 60m (~200 ft). However, if you want to avoid the crowd while admiring these wax palms, you do have another option: San Felix.

In the village of San Felix, located about 30 km (~19 miles) east of Salamina in Caldas, therein lies the forest of Palma de Cera – a tranquil and natural sight free of roaming tourists! [Read more…]

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