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Explore Guatape: Day Tour to The Town of Stones and Water

Visiting Guatape and learning her stories makes for an intriguing journey of wonder. This characteristic Antioqian town hides its history under the waters of a dam and contains one of the vacation homes of the infamous Colombian druglord, Pablo Escobar.


As if that is not enough, the mysteries of La Piedra, the famed monolith in Guatape, supposedly dates back to millions of years ago! What was once the emblem of worship for the former inhabitants of the region is now a national monument and much-visited tourist attraction!

Although going on the Guatape tour took up the bout of my limited vacation in Medellin, the experience has been more than fulfilling. My friend and I were literally on cloud 9, captivated by the beauty around us. 

Here’s sharing what you can expect on a day tour to Guatape from Medellin on Viajes Maxi Tours (as published on

Day Tour From Medellin To Guatape, The Resort Town Of Stones & Water


Despite the numerous activities available at the Colombian metropolis of Medellin, an important site not to be missed when one is in the Antioquia department (northwest Colombia, lying mostly within the Andes mountains) is Guatape.

Known for its colourful town and spectacular views of the reservoir atop a monolith named La Piedra del Peñol or La Piedra (literally translated as The Stone), the pretty lakeside town of Guatape has some interesting sights and stories to share. Aptly named, the word ‘Guatape’ is associated with stones and water, but more than the captivating sights, one will be intrigued to find out how the village was flooded to become an essential water source and increasingly popular tourist destination. [Read more…]

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