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Footsteps in Osaka: Would you follow me?

Struggling between idealism and realism, the past and future beckon while I try hard to stay rooted in the present. Romanticism of time tempts idle thoughts; luring one to indulge in a world without boundaries; a world without answers.

It didn’t matter much to me where I wandered. I wasn’t following anyone’s footsteps in particular. Going with the flow, I wanted to give myself the anticipation of ambiguity. Yet my efforts to live and celebrate in the ‘now’ seemed to be thwarted, for I found that my greatest satisfaction derives from the act of reminiscing.

In my memories, each destination teems with secrets and age; leading one to countless questions that few would care about or get answered. Unknowingly, I have followed faceless strangers and I wondered about those who’d trace my path.

Would you follow me?


Explore Osaka

Located on the main island of Honshu, roughly in the center of Japan, Osaka City, was established in the late 19th century and is the second most populous prefecture in Japan after Tokyo. Despite it being named as a metropolis, local charms shine brilliantly in the forms of shops with fanciful signboards, intriguing culture and friendly people with good humour. As noted in all parts of Japan, Osaka has no lack of mouth-watering cuisines.

The following images link to written articles and photo essays that I have compiled during my journey – 39 winks in Japan. Please click on any to discover recommended destinations & things to do in Osaka, Japan.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA koyoshi Tsutenkaku15
    Ultimate Indulgence: Spa World    Osaka’s Koyoshi Sushi  Tsutenkaku: Gateway to Heaven
 MomofukuRamen11  harukas300_4  NagonoshimaSumile20
 DIY Instant Ramen at Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum  Abeno Harukas Viewing Deck  Osaka Sumile: Great Food & Ambience
SenriGawa8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA TakoyakiMuseum13
Osaka’s Hidden Treasure: Senrigawa  Summer at Minoh Park   Osaka Takoyaki Museum
 Nobeha no Yu Hot Springs Onsen

– to be continued –

That’s not all. Stay tuned for more random stories about my 39 winks in Japan. Meantime, for more destination information on other parts of Japan, do check out my articles at JapanTravel.

The above information has been complied based on various sources, including my own experience and should only be used as a reference. For more information, please check out:

3 comments on “Footsteps in Osaka: Would you follow me?

  1. ‘Unknowingly, I have followed faceless strangers and I wondered about those who’d trace my path’. Like this a lot! It is a wonderful line.

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