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4380th of 25,000 days – Thoughts of Life

A couple of weeks ago, the DJ on the radio asked, “do u know how many days a person have in his lifetime?” He was referring to the lifespan of an adult and after some calculations, he derived at the answer: 25,000 days based on the average lifespan of one who ‘lives’ from 18 to 80 years old.


When put into such perspective, 25,000 days seem not to be long and, surely these days will pass in a flash! How should we then spend each of these precious days? This reinforced my motto to live each day as the best day of my life. It is easier said than done, but of course it is not impossible.

I simply need to expect less, give more and be contented. Mostly, I do.

PS: Now, if only i could stop procrastinating and start writing more articles for this blog, life would be awesome. 😉

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