It was not love at first sight. To be honest, I was devoid of feelings. I was not always living in the here and now, for I was always longing for another. Yet, a sense of pleasant warmth gradually seeped into my heart and spread over my entire being. I have grown to love Japan’s second busiest city: Osaka.

Birds soaring freely in Osaka Park. I thought to myself, “what a lovely sight!”

Amidst walking along the back alleys of a suburban neighbourhood, I was charmed by tiled roofs of quaint little houses and vibrant flowers that graced those front porches. Although there were obvious efforts in maintaining the neighbourhood, “age” or rather “time” was felt. A sense of wonder and appreciation rose within each time that I walked along those alleys.

Enroute to the train station from the apartment.

Pictures of politicians became my street signs and there was a personal favourite that always lead me safely between my apartment and the railway station. I was ever grateful and wished him the best in his political journey.

One fine day amid transiting trains.

The quaint Tsutenkaku that I stumbled upon one late afternoon.

It was a mere 12 days in Osaka. However, living like a hybrid of ‘local and tourist’ has given me a rare and unique experience. I arrived on a hot sunny day along with my heavy luggage and got lost looking for my apartment. When I left, I pathetically lugged a much heavier luggage in the rain (typhoon was approaching!). Nonetheless, these didn’t lessen my affections for dear old Osaka and her quirks.

Circling Namba Station endlessly, in search for my intended destination.

The windblown flag of Japan reveals a heart that I’ve captured; ain’t it timely?

– to be continued –

That’s not all. Stay tuned for more random stories about my 39 winks in Japan. Meantime, for more destination information, do check out my articles at JapanTravel.

The above information has been compiled based on various sources, including my own experience and should only be used as a reference. For more information, please check out:

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  1. Where are you off to now? Or still in Japan?

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