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Travel Insights: The Art of Listening (in Nelson)

At the beginning, it seemed like a magical place. It was cosy and warm despite the cold winter. Exotic music played in the background. Somewhere in the middle of the night, the player stopped. Vintage wooden floorboards groaned and creaked, but I was not spooked. Strangely, I felt comforted.

Joya Eco-Accommodation – 1 Bedroom Studio

Come dawn, I woke to the music of nature. The wind carried melodic tunes, so harmonious that it blended with the birds’ chirpings to compose a beautiful song. I was lost, but I was glad to land foot at my desired destination.

I have arrived at Joya Eco-Accommodation.

Looking up, I noticed how the yellow flowers preened prettily against the blue sky and totally overlooked the design on the ground. I was told that is because I’m a dreamer whose head’s in the sky.

You see, it was this B&B or rather, its owner that led me to Nelson. I fell in love with this place after accessing its website. Knowing that they accept wwoofers, I plucked up my courage to write my very first wwoofing request. Surprisingly, I got a reply.

It was a reply that further piqued my interests in sunny Nelson and her special residents. I was intrigued by Paulina Aarts. A kind lady of great strength, she is the owner of this beautiful establishment. She wears various hats and described herself as ”Jill of all trade”. Countless coincidences that surfaced during our correspondence dictated the directions of my travel. I swore to myself that I shall travel to Nelson.

And I did.

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