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Officially a NZ WWOOFER

Congratulate me! I am officially a NZ WWOOFer! 😀

I have been meaning to join, but procrastination and doubts has stopped me several times over the past few months. Before I ramble on, WWOOF stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” or “Willing Workers On Organic Farms”.

An awesome intercultural exchange program that was founded in England, it has since been re-created in various destinations around the world. WWOOF New Zealand provides experiences in organic living from large farms to family gardens, organic orchards and vineyards, urban organics etc. Accommodation and meals are offered in exchange with a few hours of work daily.


Although I do not really know what to expect, I am certain that this shall be an unforgettable experience. Yay or Nay – I will keep you guys updated!

Countdown to New Zealand expedition 12 days.

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