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A gift from my younger self

I was clearing my room earlier when I found a gift from my younger self. It was a pile of old newspaper clippings – mostly featuring the column of Gary Hayden, a philosophy and science writer. The articles were dated 2011 and 2012, where every weekday was spent blissfully reading the newspapers prior to getting busy at work alongside like-minded teammates. 

I’ve forgotten much. 

I forgot about these newspaper clippings, and how I used to be that awkward person trying to fit in life.  As I reread the familiar words, I marvelled at the wisdom of the writer and the sense of solace that his words provided, for I was (still am) the recluse like he claimed to be. 

A news clipping of the Strait Times featuring Gary Hayden’s weekly column

Just like that kind of encouragement from a kind passerby that spurs you to climb further when you could barely feel your own feet in an endless hike … … Little by little, you inch towards your destination with this invisible strength that you didn’t know you had. 

It has been 10 years. The last decade is the best and most pivotal decade of my life (to date). I wondered to what extent Hayden’s words influenced my decision to live on my own terms and to embrace my imperfect self, as he so wryly advised. Regardless, I am thankful for his advice then and now, reinforced by the good people that I crossed paths with. 

“Because practising, studying and writing can be interesting, challenging and worthwhile activities in themselves; and life is all the more rewarding when I bear that in mind.”

Gary Hayden

While I have no idea how the next 10 years would be, my younger self just reminded me that `Be yourself. Some forms of discomfort are required to make improvements, and don’t forget to savour every moment.” 🙂

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