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Explore Cuenca, Ecuador: Charms, Potions and Straw Hats

Lately, I have been procrastinating when it comes to writing. Ideas and words escape me, dripping slowly and haltingly like a dried-up tap. But if I don’t try penning down some experience, I’d forget. In fact, I am already forgetting. Hence, I spent 5 gruelling hours yesterday morning, trying to dredge whatever useful bits of my travels to share with those who are planning to visit Cuenca, Ecuador. Here’s my article that has been published on Trip101:

Top Things To Do In Cuenca, Ecuador: Charms, Potions and Straw Hats


Acclaimed to be one of the world’s great historic cities, Cuenca in the southern tropical highlands of Ecuador is indeed charming. Beautiful colonial-style buildings occupy the streets, alongside magnificent churches and street markets where indigenous people in traditional dress sell their wares. While certain local customs can be baffling, the charms of Cuenca lies in her people and closely-held beliefs that has transcended generations in this well-developed city recognised even by the UNESCO!

From sipping the mysterious Soda A to discovering love potions and soaking in luxurious thermal pools, here’s sharing some top things to do in Cuenca, Ecuador, a destination that caused this author to extend her stay day after day during her limited Ecuadorian vacation:

1. Cuenca Free Walking Tour: Soda A and popular love potions

Kickstart your visit with the Cuenca Free Walking Tour and get acquainted with this beautiful historic city through the eyes of Cuencanos. Mishelle and Bethlehem – bubbly law students and best friends – guided us around the city’s nooks and crannies, sharing the most popular and hidden sights that even a discerning traveller would otherwise have missed.

You would never know or believe that spiritual rituals are conducted on selected days in the local markets (mercados) that also sell fresh produce, delicious cooked food … … [More on]

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