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Explore Puerto Lopez: The Man behind Nautilus Hotel

As travellers, we often cross paths with inspiring figures, sometimes dynamic individuals and other times, more subtle souls that impel one to think further or be motivated. At Puerto Lopez, I had the good fortune of meeting some people that gave me food for thought. One of them was David, the owner of the accommodation that we were staying at.


I asked David, “What is your purpose of life?”
David answered, “To enjoy life, of course!”

There are not many people who answered my question that candidly and with no reference to religion (which for some weird reasons, people normally do so). I like that. Beneath that seemingly nonchalant demeanour, his dedication to building and managing Nautilus Hotel from scratch speaks volume. Our conversation reminded me to:

Work hard, play hard. Do the things that you find value in.

The latter has its challenges. Many people plough through life, going through motions and berate fate for their misery. It is not easy doing things that you find value in because it may differ from the norm. Perhaps you do not even know what is of value to you. Well, it’s time to start asking yourself some questions.

In any case, I had a wonderful stay at the Nautilus Hotel. Here’s sharing an article on my awesome experience in Puerto Lopez [as featured on Trip101]:

Review of Nautilus Hotel, Puerto Lopez: An Oasis of Comfort in Ecuador


When it comes to staying in Puerto Lopez, there’s nothing like the (relatively) new kid on the block, Nautilus Hotel, that seemingly ticks all the boxes of an ideal accommodation. Designed and managed by its detail-oriented French owner known by most as David, Nautilus Hotel in Puerto Lopez is that boutique resort that imbues a sense of affordable luxury and security.

Located one block away from the coast, Nautilus Hotel is that inconspicuous neighbour set amidst a street of local houses. This boutique accommodation blends harmoniously in the neighbourhood with its tall bamboo gate and thatched roof, bespeaking thoughtful architectural plans and a sensitivity towards the community and environment.

If you are the kind of traveller who enjoys proximity to main attractions yet wishing to have a slice of local life without compromising on your creature comforts, you can get the best of both worlds at Nautilus Hotel. [Read more]

At times when I am having doubts and worrying excessively over finite time, the random image of a smiling stranger, a chance encounter during one of my travels or inspiring words from an acquaintance serve well to keep me rooted. Work hard, play hard. Do the things that you find value in.  

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