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Creating Value Travel in 3 Easy Steps

In my last post, I shared about Value Travel. Ideally, I believe that’s how each expedition should be. In case you have missed the article, Value Travel is a form of travel that allows one to satisfy your needs, wants and interests. It is about understanding your purpose of travel and managing expectations to gain value.

The value that I am referring to is subjective.

It differs for individuals. Some people may perceive value in terms of savings; most commonly in the form of time, money, etc. Others see value as an intrinsic reward that cannot be tagged with price. Some examples would be convenience, joy, personal growth, etc. The post-trip sentiments often reveal the true value of what you have gained (or not).


Did you feel revitalised after your holiday? Were you having fun with your travel companions? Would you do everything the same if you have the chance to do so?

If you have answered yes for the above questions, congratulations! I am sure that your Value Travel had brought you great benefits (extrinsic and intrinsic). If not, do read on for some simple insights to creating your own Value Travel.

1. Know Your MAIN Purpose of Travel

  • Is it for work, leisure or both?
  • Is it for family bonding?
  • Is it for self-enrichment / self-satisfaction?
  • Is it for helping others or to support a cause that you believe in?
  • Is it to fulfill a goal / dream?
  • Is it to meet new friends? Networking?
  • Is it to seek romance?
  • Is it to embrace the unknown?
  • Is it to take advantage of affordable airfares or travel deals?

There are endless excuses purposes for travel. Regardless of your reasons, you shall be able to create value as long as you know and stay aware of why you are making plans to go on your next trip. The key is to decide on a MAIN purpose.

 “Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring



This looks like a no-brainer but seriously, it is easier said than done. Note my emphasis on having a MAIN travel purpose in step 1. Many people tend to have great travel expectations out of a single trip and more often than not, there are various travel purposes to be fulfilled. However, it is greedy impractical to ‘marry’ some of these purposes in a particular trip.

Imagine going on a family trip that involves the elderly, adults, teenagers and children. There are many factors to be taken into consideration. Each family member has his or her personal preferences. Ideally, everyone would have the same preferences. But, we all know that the chances are slim. A lack of compromise amid diverse interests spells TROUBLE.

Hence, it would be good to decide on your MAIN travel purpose early on and stay FOCUSED on it. This would help to set the right expectations; thereby allowing you to work out appropriate plans that promise value for your travelling party.

More often than not, people travel for travel sake and the ‘vacation’ or expedition does not satisfy. In fact, did you realised that you can gain similar or more value in your place of residence? The idea of Value Travel is not based on the distance travelled. It is about YOU and doing things for a positive reason.

Understanding Value Travel has allowed me to be a happy camper and traveller at home, Singapore, and guess what? My country is known for her minuscule size. Still, it is not about the size of a destination. It is about the state of mind.


3. Just do it!

The last step to creating Value Travel lies in taking actions. Procrastination and excuses are the painkillers to your well-deserved holiday; effective only for a short period of time. There will always be ‘reasons’ to stop you from taking that family excursion, romantic getaway, self-empowering solo travel, etc. BUT. Have you ever wondered how many ‘next time’ do you have?

My granny was a homebody. In my memory, she often refused to travel beyond her comfort zone (i.e. the neighbourhood that she lived in). She had many worries such as safety, hassle, her grandchildren, finances, etc. A few weeks ago, I was surprised when Mum lamented that granny once requested to visit China. Unfortunately, her request came too late, as she was very ill by then. She was not able to fulfill her wish because her physical conditions no longer allowed her to do so.

Therefore, you should always travel while you can. That it, if you can afford to.


The above information constitutes the author’s personal opinions and should only be used as a reference.

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