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Chasing Dreams ~ A New (Colourful) Page Awaits

I am proud happy to share that I am back to chasing dreams (theoretically I haven’t stopped except for a lull in the writing). Lately, it has occurred to me that my late 20s self has been trying to fulfill dreams that belong to my early 20s self. That kinda makes me wonder what’s going to happen in the next decade but then, I do not spend too much time pondering since I’ll know in due time.


For those of you who are not aware, I have embarked on a new journey and my destination is Singapore. Getting a tourist guide license on this tiny-but-magnificent island looks easier than it actually is but I console myself that:

1) I am fulfilling one of my dreams and it’s a beautiful process; albeit a trying one
2) I might have a chance to become a walking encyclopedia (after all)
3) I enjoy learning new things, people and places (yes, I’m a nerd)

Exploring Singapore
(Images taken between Jan – Mar 2014)

‘Why do you want to be a tour guide?’

This is a common question that I have been getting. To be honest, the reasons ‘to be’ overrule ‘those’ that might otherwise hold me back. Although the course has been challenging, I’ve been going around Singapore, discovering places, history and people in ways that I never knew before.

And I supposed this is why I want to be a tourist guide.

2 comments on “Chasing Dreams ~ A New (Colourful) Page Awaits

  1. i am sure that you will make an excellent guide young KaZ

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