Being a native Singaporean, I am undoubtedly biased when I tell you that Singapore is one of the best place in the world to travel to (although I do have friends from other countries who will agree with me). Some people call it a garden city, others know of it as the world’s busiest port while I personally like to think of Singapore as a sunny island. She is all of these and more.

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I would not bore you with the history and facts about Singapore, you can google it yourself after all. All you need to know about my lovely country (at least those that are travel-related) can be found here. Rather, I would like to share with you 5 things that I appreciate about Singapore that might attract you to visit.

Things I Appreciate About Singapore That Might Amuse Attract You To Visit (Or Not)

1. The Sun & Rain Are All We’ve Got In This Climate Paradise

(Sunset pic at Chinese Garden & Rain View pic at Lavender dated 2012)

Located 1 degree to the north of the equator, our climate is categorised under that of a “tropical rainforest” with no true distinction of seasons. Thus, the sun and rain are all we’ve got. Despite the humid weather, you have no idea (or maybe you do) how much I appreciate having “summer” all year round. Adding on the absence of natural disasters (touch wood!) that are linked with bad climates, Singapore is a climate paradise!

2. The Diversity Of Local Hawker Food That Made Us All Fat

Ok. So, Singaporeans love our food and I am no exception. You will be amazed by the diversity of local and international cuisines available in Singapore. Being a local, my first choice of delicious and value-for-money food points back to the local hawker centers (roadside squatters no longer exist). Amid our multi-racial community, one can find a wide variety of delectable local fare! These include the Malay satay, Hokkien fried noodles, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Indian Rojak etc. Going beyond tasty food, the bustling environment peppered with mouth-watering aroma, sweating hawkers working their magic at the open-space kitchen and happy eaters is a lively scene that I am happy to be a part of at any day, any time. Ps: Hygiene is not an issue (just in case you are wondering).

(Assortment of local hawker delights taken at various locations dated 2012)

3. “Flush” In The Garden City Is A Luxury! 

No punk intended for this to be right after my ramblings on food but… …

Never take toilets for granted! Due to a constantly low budget love for rustic and rural travel destinations, I have developed a heart-felt appreciation for the excellent sewage system in Singapore. Toilets are readily available in most parts of Singapore and you need not worry about being “gagged” or “knocked into coma” due to rude stench or an unsightly aftermath of a bowel disaster (although accidents do happen at times). You can throw unlimited amount of toilet papers down the toilet bowl and it will not choke! Auto-flushing is pretty common. The best part of it all? Public toilets are mostly FREE!

4. “Singlish” – Love It, Hate It? We Can’t Help It LAH!

Did i mentioned that we are a multi-racial community? I might have LAH. Well, we are. Singaporeans used to comprise of mainly Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians (due to the awesomeness of our cosmopolitan city, there are other minority groups). This resulted in a unique blend of English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and local dialects that gave birth to our local slang, aptly named as “Singlish”. Being a lover of the English language, i abhor Singlish at times, yet chance encounters with fellow Singaporeans at foreign lands and hearing those “Lah” and “Lor” dazzle me with a sweet sense of belonging.

To know more, check out the Singlish Guide or Let Doctor Jia Jia Teach You Singlish (funny videos!)

5. There’s Always Something New (Or Old) To Explore

(The S.E.A. Aquarium – Singapore’s latest attractions, dated Dec 2012)

Despite the ever-changing landscapes that can sometimes be confusing, there’s always something new (or old) to explore! The thriving tourism industry constantly seek to attract and fulfill the demands of fun-seekers. Besides man-made wonders, hidden gems and local haunts, an array of exciting festivals give rise to good excuses that allow fun and indulgence!

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