The sky and the water merged in captivating shades of blue, just like one of those landscape paintings that you would like to display at home. And as if that is not enough, the sun cast glittering gems afloat the cool blue sea, bewitching one to stare and be blinded by beauty.

Walking home beneath the pretty blue sky yesterday, I was reminded of that scenic drive along the Coromandel Peninsula. A jolted memory surfaced. I can still hear Lyn’s excited voice. “Quick! Help me to take photos! Faster, take more! Take more!”, she gushed while navigating the curvy coastal route.


Lyn, my childhood friend who’s currently working in China, has decided to join me on part of my journey. We have been driving for over an hour from Auckland when we turned off from the highway (SH1, I think) and started on a curvy route along the beautiful coast.

We were on our way to explore the Coromandel.


Reputed to be New Zealanders’ favourite destination, the Coromandel lies in the North Island and is part of the Waikato Region. It is approximately 1.5 hours drive away from Auckland or Hamilton. Despite its proximity to these bigger “cities”, Coromandel can be the perfect retreat for someone who seeks idyllic enjoyment amid a beautiful natural setting. With its laidback small towns, misty rainforests and fabulous golden beaches, there are plenty for one to explore. Alternatively, simply indulge in your surroundings, do nothing and you would still come away feeling that you had a great vacation.

Read on and explore Coromandel with Lyn and myself where we discovered history in laidback towns, stepped into a movie scene and even enjoyed FREE outdoor hotspring!

Explore Coromandel: Things To Do

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