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Travel Sentiments; Goodbye New Zealand

Bertrand Russell said, “To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.” I try to keep this in mind (a mere form of consolation really), as I prepare to leave the land that I called “my playground” for the past five months.

A shot taken at Plimmerton, Wellington.

Discoveries of magnificent landscapes, sacred histories and pure nature filled my short journey with invaluable insights and great enjoyment. Beyond these, it is the people that I can’t bear to leave behind. Be it rustic Tonga, idyllic Plimmerton or (just strategically located) Hamilton (and many other destinations), my dear friends – YOU are what makes a place special.

I have been most blessed. This journey has been especially fulfilling because of my (very) encouraging family and friends back home, new (and very lovely) friends whom I met along my journey as well as (most importantly) my BFF and her newly formed (beautiful) family.

To those whom I’m parting with (hopefully it’s temporary), thank you very much for everything and take great care. You know I loathe to leave you.

Dear Mum, sisters, buddy and all of you whom I love so dearly at home (you know who you are!), guess what?

I’m coming home!

PS: Travel rambles and destination info on places that I have visited shall be continued. As the BFF predicted correctly, i have much to write even when I am back home. 

4 comments on “Travel Sentiments; Goodbye New Zealand

  1. Seems like a great trip! Congratulations 🙂

  2. beautiful place !! 🙂

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