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The Ivory White Lighthouse at Cape Reinga

Somewhere far North, a beautiful white lighthouse stands tall and proud, surrounded by an abundance of green and blue.

Being an avid reader since young, I have gone on numerous “adventures” with one of the best masterminds ever – Enid Blyton. It was she whom piqued my interest in old lighthouses and ignited a certain fascination in me for these seemingly secretive towers. If you have followed the Famous Five series as I did, you would remember the lighthouse featured in “Five Go To Demon’s Rocks”. What an adventure it was!

A personal fave shot of a little gal spreading her arms while facing the Tasman sea.

My quest for adventure accounts for my absence in the last week. A friend has come to visit and together, we have embarked on an expedition of the North. Of course, we were not as adventurous as the Famous Five, but there was a lighthouse in our journey. 🙂

The Ivory White Lighthouse at Cape Reinga

Elevated 79metres above sea level, the Cape Reinga Lighthouse is located in a special spot at the far North of New Zealand. It was completed in 1941 to replace the Maria Van Diemen Lighthouse and was the last watched lighthouse to be built in the country.


What makes this lighthouse so special is the location where it stands. With a magnificent backdrop that presents the meeting of the Tasman and Pacific oceans, this light tower at Cape Reinga attracts approximately 10,000 people per year!


Unlike the Famous Five who managed to sneak into the lighthouse during their adventure, public access into the Cape Reinga Lighthouse (like so many others) is prohibited. Regardless of the (relatively) high tourist traffic, secrets remain within this ivory white tower. So… what is it so special about the location of Cape Reinga?

East side featuring the tranquil Pacific Ocean

West side featuring the active Tasman Sea

On the east lies the Pacific Ocean that presents a tranquil blue that dazzles, not unlike jewels in the sea. It is almost blinding to see such beauty. Walking on, you are bound to feel the strong breeze of the West. The Tasman Sea lies on this side and what a difference it makes. Whilst the Pacific Ocean remains still as it can be, crashing waves and constant motions define my impression of the Tasman Sea.

The East & the West


And then somewhere in the middle, the two meets. This is literally, “when East meets West”.

The Cape Reinga Lighthouse stands amid this beauty.


The path is not new, and the wind carries secrets. Cape Reinga is not an easy journey for the roads are long and winding. But I wouldn’t give it a miss. The wise Ernest Hemingway perfectly describes our journey to the far North:

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

The above information has been complied based on various sources, including my own experience and should only be used as a reference. Check out more information on Cape Reinga Lighthouse, North Island, New Zealand. 

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