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Kindred Spirits on the Road

The sky was still dark. It was barely 7am in the morning and dawn has not made her appearance. It was too early for her to do so amid this cold, winter morning. I stepped out onto the porch and contemplated, “Should I head for the bus-stop or should I wait a little longer?”

A few steps from me stood a slight figure. Sub-consciously, I nodded out of habit. The pretty lady looked like she wanted to say more. She came forward and after some hesitation she asked, “where are you from?”

That’s how I got to know my first friend along this trip.

Tour with Real Journey
(Enroute to Te Anau) 

“Coincidence” is a funny phenomenon, for we soon realised we have a lot in common. It matters not the different country that we came from or the different cultures that we follow. Both of us are single female travellers of the same age on a working holiday visa – precisely coz this year would be our last chance for such a privilege (Oops – there goes the age disclosure!).

I found a kindred spirit on the road and I am happy. 

(A snapshot with Chingusa-san – May our paths cross again.) 

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