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Chasing Sunset IX – Hamilton Lake

I am not exactly sure how it begins… but chasing sunset seems to have become a habit that I cannot break. Those who know me well, especially my partner at work, are used to my abrupt departure for the sole purpose of catching the last glimpse of the beautiful sun before the day ends.

It is no different when I am travelling.

sunset at hamilton lake

Knowing of my penchant for chasing sunsets, the BFF brought me to a nice sunset spot – the Hamilton Lake, which is also known as Lake Rotoroa (Long Lake). With a surface area of about 54 hectares, it is by far bigger than the Jurong Lake in Singapore (whereby I admired countless beautiful sunsets at what I called my home’s backyard!).

sunset at hamilton lake

sunset at hamilton lake

sunset at hamilton lake

There’s a park and playground near the lake where ducks are littered everywhere! Yes, littered. These are pragmatic ducks who are tame enough to come near humans, hoping to get a treat. Of course, if you do not have any treats for them, you will soon find yourself to be forgotten.

As the sun slowly slips into its secret hiding place, the sky was painted a lovely hue of pink and purple.


sunset at hamilton lake duck

sunset at hamilton lake

sunset at hamilton lake

sunset at hamilton lake

About Hamilton Lake
Located at Ruakiwi and Lake Road

Be it for family with children, couples or the sole traveller seeking beauty, this is a pretty awesome place to spend the evening. Ideal for taking an idyllic walk, having a picnic, admire a sunset or simply to bask in your surroundings. Free entry.

The above information has been complied based on various sources, including my own experience and should only be used as a reference.

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