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NZ ♥ Catherdral Cove in a Postcard

Somewhere out there, someone’s waiting for me.  

That’s a heartwarming notion. To know that there is someone out there who’s thinking of you (with good intentions!) from afar. I have finally received the postcard that we all thought was lost. The BFF who’s now based in Hamilton, New Zealand, sent it sometime during January prior to the Lunar New Year.

She’s given up hopes that the mail will arrive at the doorstep of its rightful owner. After all, the mail from Singapore took less than a week to reach Hamilton… but I supposed good things does come to those who wait huh? 🙂


This postcard features the Cathedral Cove, which is at Te Whanganui-A-Hei. According to  <<Rough Guide to New Zealand>>, the Catherdral Cove is accessible via a hilly coastal track that boosts great scenic views of the sea! And one shall be rewarded at the end of the track with a perfect pair of beaches backed by white cliffs, separated by the impressive rock arch that vaults over the strand like the nave of a great cathedral.

This postcard is beautiful and the words more so. Countdown to New Zealand expedition 41 days.

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