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Pursuing Dreams: Thank You For the Trust

The pursuit of one’s dreams is never easy, especially when it seems to cultivate nothing but self-fulfillment to the dreamer… 

Whilst dreams that involve humanitarian efforts, career achievements or even monetary benefits are highly encouraged in the (somewhat) conservative society that I grew up in, the ones of enjoyment and leisure are not easily embraced. The dream of travelling is a sweet fantasy harboured by many and that’s what it often remains – a fantasy.

As the time to depart for New Zealand draws near, I cannot help but to have doubts. Doubts about leaving my awesome job, worries for my aging parents, loathing to miss precious parts of the growing-up phase of my dear nephews etc etc. The list goes on and on. Yet, my decision to leave has never wavered.

I am also very thankful for many supportive friends. In fact, a dear friend who’s working in China even flew back to Singapore recently, just to meet up with me prior to my upcoming trip. I cannot help but to think that, I must have done something right somewhere.

Kaz Travel Beckons
(A priceless letter and some small gifts from a dear friend, telling me to strive on!)

Dearest friends,

Thank you for believing in me and my dreams. Your support and conviction  are like sunshine to plants, giving me power to reach out and grow constantly. Thank you for dispelling my doubts (whenever it arises) and the encouragement. Let us all strive towards our dreams!

Good luck and god bless!

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