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The Locals’ Mundane Life – An Itinerary You Will Not Find Elsewhere

What appeals to you where tourism is concerned?

To me, the essence of a destination lies in the people and culture, beyond beautiful/unique landscapes. Each destination has its own charms and quirks. People have the impression that Singapore does not have much to offer, and a short vacation spanning 2-3 days will be sufficient. In fact, they could be right. That is, if you are only going to the tourists’ attractions. However, if you are looking for more… or perhaps, if stories of others appeal to you, please read on.

Jurong Lake Park
(Morning view of the idyllic Jurong Lake Park dated 2012)

What started as a late morning breakfast, lazy walk around the neighbourhood and a perpetual love for my residential area, set me thinking how this could be an innovative 1/2 day local tour itinerary. My imaginary tour starts off with a visit at the charming Jurong Lake Park or idyllic Chinese Garden.

Located between the Lakeside and Chinese Garden MRT station, you will find locals indulging in everyday’s mundane activities (such as jogging, fishing etc.) at these parks. Listen to the musical laughters of children playing at the playground, practise yoga under the  shady tree or drink in the beautiful view of the lake ahead of you. Like many other Asian countries, you will find local residents practising Taiji and you can always join them if you are up to it. 😉

Nasi Lemak @ Taman Jurong Food Center
(Delicious local breakfast – Nasi Lemak from Taman Jurong Food Centre)

After that, head on to the nearby  Taman Jurong Food Centre. Sick of international buffet spread at your hotel’s breakfast counter? Well, you can find various good food at this local hawker center. Do not come too late though, as food tends to be sold out after 11am. One of my favourite and highly recommended choice would be the Nasi Lemak stall located at level 2. Manned by an old couple, this could possibly be the best Nasi Lemak in the world (for me, that is).

After breakfast, how about a visit to Singapore’s first neighbourhood museum? I didn’t think much of it at first, as it looked very small, However, i found it to be pretty charming with snippets of life within after my visit today. Here’s some pictures that I took.

Our Museum @ Taman JurongOur Museum @ Taman Jurong

“Our Museum @ Taman Jurong is brought to you by the National Heritage Board and the Singapore Art Museum with Taman Jurong Community Club. This gallery uses art as a way to look at life in Taman Jurong and Singapore.”

Our Museum @ Taman Jurong

Hello stranger, do u realise how we have become strangers despite our proximity? Regardless of physical distance, a connection shall be forged, if only minds and hearts are open. 🙂 This is the installation that attracted me to enter the Taman Jurong Museum.

For more information on Taman Jurong, please click here. I do hope you enjoy my home as much as I do.

1/2 Day Singapore’s Mundane Life @ Taman Jurong
0730 | 
Start the day at Jurong Lake Park / Chinese Garden; take part in some local morning activities (i.e. jogging, taiji, yoga by the lake etc.)
0900 | Breakfast at Taman Jurong Food Center
1030 | Visit to “Our Museum @ Taman Jurong”
1100 | End of Tour

(Ps: this imaginary tour should be done during weekend – note opening hours, or re-arrange accordingly to suit your schedule)

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