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Travel Reflections: Revisiting Old Places & Falling In Love Again

I have been travelling for close to a month now, and as I come to the last leg of my journey... ... I wondered about fellow travellers: did you ever feel like you've left a part of you in places that you have visited?

I found an unpublished draft.

It’s been a year, and it’s ironic how I should come across this draft because I was just lamenting to dear ones a few days ago during our Chinese New Year celebrations, “Last year, I was travelling during this period.”

It was a trip of self-indulgence that lasted 28 days, covering New ZealandTonga and Australia. Regrettably, I did not write much during that trip but perhaps that can be rectified in the near future (with my currently unemployed self-employed status).

Reflection of children trying to fish in Vava’u, Tonga

Here’s sharing the forgotten & half-written travel reflections on revisiting much-loved destinations…

Day 24 on the road: And out of nowhere, the words started flowing… bit by bit. I was having what they called “writer’s block” and in spite of travelling more often than before, I couldn’t find the inspiration or motivation to write. I was constantly questioning the reason or purpose for creating content, and it seems that I couldn’t settle for any.

Andrew Croft said ‘don’t stop writing’. Don George implored aspiring writers to ponder on the purpose of one’s literary creation. Both are writers whom I looked up to and hope in time to come, I can find my own niche in a place where I feel I belong. For now, I will try to write with my heart and try at best to put my thoughts into words.

A secluded beach on Vava’u, Tonga

I have been travelling for close to a month now, and as I come to the last leg of my journey… … I wondered about fellow travellers: did you ever feel like you’ve left a part of you in places that you have visited? I understand now that there are certain places that resonate so well with one’s being that it gets harder and harder to say goodbye.

Many asked (when I mentioned that I would be visiting New Zealand and Tonga) ‘Haven’t you been there before and for quite a while?’ With furrowed brows and slight frowns, it seems incomprehensible to some on why I would choose to return to these destinations when there are so many more options in the world that I have yet to visit.

It’s because of the people. At least, that was how I fell in love with Tonga – a seemingly backwards and technology-barren land with naught but tall coconut trees, beautiful corals and pure, abundant nature.

As our car cruised past the village, two young boys smiled shyly while waving spontaneously. Our eyes met. That particular instance, my heart constricted and this thought echoed in my mind: I’m in love.


Sitting by the shores, watching the old and young run freely, jumping into the sea while others tried to perform acrobat moves, trying to coax me to take more photos. The wind carried laughters and a seemingly pure sense of innocence. Life seems simple and sweet. In spite of all the bugs and unstable Internet connection, Tonga has been my fairy palace since I first stepped foot on it 3 years ago.

We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person. ~ W. Somerset Maugham

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