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Explore Medellin: The City of Eternal Spring In Colombia

A weekend jaunt to the City of Eternal Spring has enlightened me on what all the hype on Medellin is about. Reminding me somewhat of home in Singapore, Medellin is that familiar new place that evokes curiosity. Is that how my country used to be a decade ago? Perhaps, but one of the most endearing and different traits about Colombia and her people is that air of tranquility. And one will get to experience that, even in a metropolitan city like Medellin.


Here’s sharing what you can do in Medellin, Colombia in a day (as published on

Medellin In A Day: Things To Do In Colombia’s 2nd Populous City

More than a city without a soul, contemporary Medellin oozes an easy charm with its unique blend of attractions – often associated in one way or another with its violent past. In the 80s, Medellin was the undisputed cocaine trafficking wonderland or hell (take your pick), and there was a serious backlash when the government tried to eliminate the drug scene and its leader, the infamous Pablo Escobar, near the end of the decade.

At its worst, the city recorded the world’s highest homicide rate but thankfully, under the leadership of more prudent leaders, Medellin tells the incredible story of ‘bad boy turned good’. Akin to the resurrection of a phoenix, this capital of the Antioquia department has shed its shady reputation for improved security, modern comfort and simply, just being a great place for living and playing… … [Read more]

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