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Explore SG ~ A Century Old Natural Hot Spring

# Bring your own basin / pail + towel

There are chairs and pails around the area but in case of crowd or for personal hygiene, it is best to bring your own. Note that this is a public area without shelter, changing room or toilet – hence, the hot spring water would be more suitable for foot soaking.



# Stick on a mosquito patch / spray a healthy dose of insect repellent

To say that my legs were half-eaten alive by blood-sucking mosquitoes is an understatement. Ok, maybe I am abit dramatic… Still, to avoid love kisses from the irritatingly-fat-and-ruthless mosquitoes, use of insect repellent is strongly advised.


#3 Entertainment & snacks

The hot springs compound is relatively large but empty. Surrounded by trees, there are some well-shaded spots for one to soak in relaxation. However, its relatively remote location meant that there are no shops nearby. Hence, do bring some snacks and lots of drinking water. If one is travelling alone, it would be good to bring some entertainment (i.e. a book, ipad etc.)


#4 Know the temperatures

There are three areas near the main well that delivers the steaming hot spring water through various taps. According to an uncle who visits the hot spring regularly, the one at the center of the compound produce the highest temperature – close to 100 degrees Celsius! This would be more suitable for cooking raw eggs (recommended to bring!).


#5 Take your trash with you

Bring a trash bag and take your trash with you. There is no dustbin at this area. To show appreciation for this free public facility, I believe that it is only right for us to not litter or mess up the place. J


The above information has been complied based on various sources, including my own experience and should only be used as a reference. For more information, please check out:

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