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Lights, Hearts & Nostalgia

Dear Mum, thank you for accompanying me to the iLight Festival yesterday. Despite the dark night, I felt like I’ve stepped into a magical world of bright and beautiful colours; made extra special with your presence.

Tall buildings loomed over us, as we made our way towards the festival venue. For once, I felt awe at these tall and magnificent buildings that I see through your eyes. You painted a vivid picture of the land of bygone days. Thank you for sharing your memories of the past with me.

Watching the 'Celebration of Life' onboard the boat

As we sailed along the river, your hair started a light dance in the wind and there was a slight smile on your face. You probably didn’t know this, but I was more interested in studying your face than watching the beautiful colours that illuminate our island city. Slowly, we bobbed towards the Singapore Flyer. I caught a waft of saltish air and try to imagine tong kangs* that used to grace this same river. Then, the boatman cleared his throat and spit into a (supposed) dustbin beside him. Caught out of my reverie, I was struck by gentle waves of nostalgia. We soon change boat for our actual ride.

I could tell that you were greatly impressed with our very young guide, Ryan. I certainly was. His clear and engaging commentary made the iLight boat tour extra interesting! Being onboard gave us a unique perspective and I am happy to share this experience with you. As we sailed towards the lotus-like Art Science museum, green laser lights cut through the dark night and a fire seemingly burst from the river banks by the promenade. Water fountains ensued. Your excitement was endearing. Let’s make a date to watch the Wonder Full show sometime in the near future.



While I know you did not feel the same way as I did for my favorite local artist’s artwork, your one word description of the ‘Celebration of Life’ as ‘artsy’ certainly delights me. Justin Lee’s perseverance for his interest in art is one of the few things that I admired, and I am happy to ‘introduce’ his artwork to you.

As we stood beneath flowers that sway in the air, they slowly changed colours and you commented on their beauty quietly. I bet you didn’t know that the ‘Digital Wattle’ that you chose as your favorite was created by a company based in New Zealand (mummy, is that a sign?)! In fact, golden wattles is Australia’s floral emblem and this piece of art with its changing colours, explore the interplay of the different ethnic groups in one city. I think I like this artwork more now than I did before.

Digital Wattle

WeHeartLight - two hearts!

Dear Mum, you used to be the one holding my hand and leading the way. These days, it seems that our roles have reversed without us knowing. As I pulled you excitedly towards different art installations, I was secretly amazed by your stamina because my weak, aching legs were actually begging me for mercy. Thank you again for accompanying me and please continue to stay healthy.


 Photos taken at  iLight Marina Bay

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*Tong Kang refers to a light wooden boat commonly used in the 19th century to carry goods along rivers in South East Asia.

Like moths were to lights, Mum & I were attracted to the innovative light art installations! Visit ILight at Marina Bay before it ends, otherwise you’d have to wait for another two years!

ILight Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that is held bi-annually by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore. An event that places great emphasis on going green, it is back after two years with greater improvements and creativity! There are a few options to explore the grounds, i.e. free guided walking tours (2 routes), boat tour or simply walk at your own leisure.

Date: 7TH – 30TH MARCH 2014
Time: 7:30PM – 11:00PM

For those who are interested in taking the boat tour, it only operates on Friday and weekends from 7 – 30 March 2014. Departing every 30 mins from 7.30pm – 11.00pm, the boat tour starts off from Marina Bay City Gallery Pier and costs $12 per person per tour.

Organised by Singapore River Explorer, you may get the tickets from any of their booth (subject to availability) and be transferred from the ‘stop’ that you bought tickets to the Marina Bay City Gallery Pier to begin your tour.

The above information has been complied based on various sources, including my own experience and should only be used as a reference. For more information on the event, please visit:

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