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Chasing Sunset at the Centre of NZ

I huffed and I puffed. I berated myself for being an idiot. In my mind, Ms. Sensible was nagging at Ms. Obstinate. The latter won, as usual. It was close to sunset time and I was trying to tackle a zig zag uphill trail, towards what they called the “Centre of New Zealand” in Nelson.


It was winter and I had more than 3 layers of clothing on. Trust me when I said that it is not a good idea to go trekking in jeans, especially not when you are rushing against time. I wanted to be up and down before the sun goes down.

Once again, I was chasing after sunset.


Later, my host was surprised to hear about my “successful ascent” (knowing the late hour that I set off) and she said something like this to me: “I know you mentioned that you are stronger than you look, but it is really quite amazing to know that you actually climbed the hill and was in time to catch the sunset.”


It was a tough climb (for the unfit time-constraint me), laden with heavy clothing, incessant swearing in head, free-flowing perspiration and a constant near-breathlessness. Though not particularly religious, I can only thank god for this rare occasion where my sheer stubbornness has not led me to trouble.

Instead, I found gold… …


Oh well, golden light anyway. 😉

About the Centre of New Zealand 

The so-called “Centre of New Zealand” sits atop the Botanical Hill (within walking distance from city center), in sunny Nelson. To reach the top, one will need approximately 20-60 minutes, depending on your age, speed and (ahem!) fitness.


Despite its zig zag trail, the main track is suitable for sturdy pushchairs and buggies. At the top, helpful information panels around the panorama scenery point out features of Nelson’s geography. If you enjoy quiet moments and beautiful scenery, then this is a place you must visit.

Note! The Centre of New Zealand is not really the centre of New Zealand but it is close enough.

To know more about the Centre of New Zealand, in Nelson, South Island of New Zealand, check out:

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