“Once you’ve travelled to New Zealand, you’d be cursed with a lack of excitement for all other destinations…” I was forewarned. In fact, it is something that I have experienced on a few occasions when travelling around Asia.

 (Enroute to Tekapo from Queenstown, South Island)

This, I believe is a vicious realistic impact that involves time and novelty. I always envy children for their innocence, anticipation and excitement for what adults deemed to be “insignificant / small matters”. Yet, their ability to feel so much is a gift. After all, it is the small things in life that matter, don’t you agree? 

Before I digress further, I must add that although the travelling part does not stir any intense emotions (except the incessant thinking of “are we there yet?”), I was constantly in awe of the magnificent beauty that New Zealand has to offer.

(Zealong, heart of Waikato, North Island)

Many people said that the South Island is more beautiful than the North Island. Having travelled South twice, I cannot dispute that (though it may seem abit biased since I haven’t been exploring much of the North). What about you? Which island do you think is more beautiful?

(City Centre, Queenstown, South Island)

(Entrance of Zealong, Heart of Waikato, North Island)

Blue Springs, Putaruru Hamilton, North Island)

I decided to try out the poll function in WordPress. Let me know which island you think is most beautiful! 🙂

PS: I will try to speed up on the writing and post more on the South Expedition soon. 

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