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Of Hearts, Rainbow and Auckland

Through sleep-infused bleary eyes, I looked out of the plane window and thought I saw tiny hearts! With disbelief, I blinked several times to clear my vision. What lies beyond were actually small puffy clouds floating prettily amid the blue, blue sky. I was mesmerized.

My first impression of countries at the Southern Hemisphere consists of rich blue skies and well-defined clouds. Why is the sky here so beautiful? I even saw a streak of rainbow enroute Brisbane to Auckland!


Upon arrival to Auckland, I met up with my ever-lovely BFF and BFFH who brought me around and introduced two prominent attractions – One Tree Hill and Mount Eden (Auckland’s highest volcano!). Both offer a panorama view of this metropolitan city that houses one third of New Zealand’s entire population of 4 million! The air was fresh and crisp, the scenery magnificent.

Despite the cold, I can’t help thinking of this as a wonderland.

aerial view
First glimpse of New Zealand! (Pardon poor quality of photo as all are taken by phone)

One Tree Hill
Putting on a cheesiest smile for a shot with Auckland Sky Tower (in the background).

Mount Eden
Exploring Mount Eden on a sunny winter day 😀

Mount Eden
Indulging in lush greenery~

ice cream
Nothing beats an ice cold Hokey Pokey ice-cream on a cold winter evening :)~

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