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With Love From Cappadocia, Turkey

“Picture postcards really excite me!” —Henry Miller, My Life and Times

I definitely agree with Mr. Henry Miller on the subject of postcards. Since young, I have always enjoyed receiving snail mails and despite modern technologies that deliver convenience and speed, receiving a letter or postcard the conventional way never fails to brighten my day. 🙂

This evening, I was pleasantly surprised and touched to receive a postcard from an old friend whom I know for more than 10 years. We used to exchange letters when we were still schooling but has since grown apart. Nonetheless, this postcard was made especially special because he remembers my love for receiving the mail and how i used to request for a postcard instead of souvenir.


Dear Mimi,

Is it a coincidence that you chose Cappadocia? When I was 21 years old, I lead my first tour group to Turkey and my fave destination during that 10 days tour is Cappadocia. I was awed by the fairy chimneys, bewildered by the presence of whirling dervishes and impressed with the burly attendants who catered to my clients during a traditional Turkish Bath! Cappadocia also marked my first sighting of snow (in my entire life!) and it happened on the eve of Christmas. I was exhilarated and lonely at the same time. Thank you for remembering me and allowing me to recall special memories.

This is a beautiful postcard with simple words that sang to me. Thank you, my dearest old friend.

1 comment on “With Love From Cappadocia, Turkey

  1. Postcarder sender

    This young friend possess such a great taste for adventure, freedom, and most importantly traveling and writing. Starting to live your dreams I say, taking steps to love Your dreams u replied.

    I hope this simple postcard marks the start of your awesome 5 mths and also the re-beginning of a friendship that is very important to me.

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