Pushkar is a holy town in the state of Rajasthan famous for the Pushkar lake, various ghats and temples spread all around the lake.

The word ‘Pushkar’ means lotus flower, which is said to be the seat of Brahma, one of the Hindu holy trinity, who is worshipped as the creator of this world. The legend has it that the demon Vajra Nabha killed Brahma’s children, while Brahma in turn struck him with his weapon, a lotus flower. Vajra Nabha died with the impact, and the petals of the lotus fell at three places. One of them is Pushkar, where it gave birth to a lake. Brahma is supposed to have performed sacrifice at this lake on Kartik Purnima (the full moon day of the Kartik month (generally in the month of November)), hallowing the place.

(Pushkar Resort. Dated Sept 2011)

Things To Do

Explore the small market of Pushkar for good bargains! Clothes, jewellery, beads and camel products are widely available. Perhaps you can even consider a body tattoo!

Alternatively, you may also view a prayer at Varah Ghat with huge lamps and chimes of bell (in the evening).

(Night market at Pushkar. Dated Sept 2011)

Try the exotic mint tea or bhang lassi. (Bhang has been used as a cheap intoxicant for centuries in India. In Hindu mythology, bhang is associated with Shiva as it is believed that he keeps himself intoxicated with bhang so that the world remains safe from his anger. These are not considered a drug, but a traditional sleeping aid and appetizer.)

Visit a camel safari and ride into the sunset atop a camel! Pushkar is famous for its camel safari. Tourists can visit small villages during their camel safari ride. The view from camel safari is exceptionally enticing.

(Camel Safari, Pushkar, dated Sept 2011)

Visit the Brahma Temple! Located close to the sacred Pushkar Lake, this is one of the few existing temples dedicated to the Hindu creator-god, Brahma, in India and remains the most prominent among them. Although the present temple structure dates to the 14th century, the temple is believed to be 2000 years old! Mainly built of marble and stone stabs, it has a distinct red pinnacle (shikhara) and a hamsa bird motif. The temple sanctum sanctorum holds the central images of Brahma and his second consort Gayatri.

Take Note

  • Smoking in public is prohibited by law though the rule is never enforced enthusiastically.
  • Consumption of liquor or meat is not allowed in the city, therefore it is advised to respect the rule and not carry any liquor/ meat with you while travelling to Pushkar. (PS: It is allowed in our resort though as we toasted to KingFisher beer!)
  • Men are advised to wear full length pants and t-shirt/ shirt and women wear full length clothes. Do not wear off-shoulder tops or shorts while roaming within the city.
  • Take off your shoes at stairs if you are going near the lake. (It’s always good to prepare shoe bags!)
  • Be polite, but do not be pressured into making any offering at the ghats. It is not mandatory.

From Me to You:
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The above information has been complied based on various sources, including my own experience and should only be used as a reference. For more information on the destination, please visit: http://www.incredibleindia.org/

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